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A New Framework for Teaching Claim-Evidence-Reasoning

Help your students use CESR to create powerful reasoning!

We’ve taken the pain out of creating reasoning by making it more straight-forward for students.

We enhanced the CER framework with a change that clarifies when and how to weave in specific principles with CESR: Claim-Evidence-Scientific Principles-Reasoning. This makes it more intuitive for students and simplifies the teaching process for teachers.

How? We’ve added scaffolding to make this approach accessible to all learners, including sentence starters, a checklist, and more student-friendly approaches. Improve writing and understanding of scientific principles in your classrooms with our free CER framework.

Within the guide you’ll also find links to a poster and template for students to refer to.

We recently hosted a webinar about Claim-Evidence-Reasoning where we explored the range of claims you can use in your lessons and how setting the tone early in the year can have long-lasting impacts in your classroom. Take a look using the password (8A#YsZ=Y):